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BROOKLYN & QUEENS, NY: Gentleman Brawlers, a Brooklyn 6-Piece, are revivalists known for their spooky songs drenched in spring reverb and tape echo. Drawing influences from acid rock and throwback electronica into their compositions, the'Brawlers deliver a live show with plenty of heat, crackling energy, and also whomp. While working on the tracks for their first full-length LP (due Spring 2019), the'Brawlers have honed their live show on college campuses and the festival circuit. Adventurous art-pop experimenters by commerce, the band recently expanded their lineup and narrowed their focus to create a live music endeavor devoted to just one of the sonic ventures hinted at on previous recordings-the Lagos-by-way-of-Brooklyn Afrobeat noise of their single My Theory-and began performing in NYC jazz & world music clubs since the Gentleman Brawlers Afrobeat Project.

The group has attracted acclaim in London music press and the New York. They had been brought to the attention of the Internet when Veteran BBC music writer Tom Robinson tipped them as a group demonstrating great promise, calling the'Brawlers"a virtuoso live band, grooving together like a superbly designed machine." Their first single"I Ain't No Brian Wilson (I Was Made For These Times)" appeared Occupy This trailer, a Afro musical tribute to the Occupy movement. An EP dropped, the next year We Were Made For These Times. Since then, the group will launch their first full length LP and has been a presence on the festival and tour circuit.

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